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Activated-Oxygen for Food Safety Applications

Activated-Oxygen is also known as, Ozone.

Ozone is the planet's strongest oxidizer and disinfectant readily available for commercial use. It is 3,000 times faster acting and more effective than chlorine in killing bacteria and viruses and leaves behind no residues, off flavors or tastes. Its only by-product is oxygen. Ozone is generated on-site and does not require storage of chemicals. It is 100% chemical free and "Organic" certified.

How Ozone is Created


Ozone has been used in many water treatment applications for over 100 years.

  • Bottled Water – must be filled with ozonated water
  • Well and Surface Water – used by public drinking water supplies throughout the world
  • Commercial Pools – Olympic pools must use ozone for disinfection and oxidation
  • Food Processing – used by many fruit and vegetable producers, and ready-to-eat (RTE) food packers
  • Hydroponics – provides clean water to promote healthy growth
  • Commercial and Residential Laundry – to reduce water, chemicals, and hot-water
  • Wineries and Breweries – used to disinfect barrels tanks and other equipment
  • Residential Pools – used to reduce chlorine and other standard sanitation methods

Ozone for Food Safety

Ozone treatments have the benefit of forming fewer undesirable by-products than chlorine treatments, such as trihalomethane, chloroform, and other dangerous compounds. It is faster acting than chlorine and allows for adequate disinfection with short-term contact to produce.

A 10-second rinse with ActiveTapp can provide*

  • Kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on contact
    • E.coli
    • Clean Multi-Food Surfaces
    • Fresh Fruit, Salads and Vegetables, Sea Food, Meats
  • Keep produce and food ingredients fresh
    • Up to three times longer, by destroying bacteria and viruses that cause spoilage
  • Remove agricultural chemical residues
  • Remove chlorine residues and its unpleasant taste from tap water.
  • Eliminate the use of hot water and conventional sanitizers, saving on daily operational costs

* 99.99% kill is obtained at 9μg/l of ozone for 10-seconds of contact time, with a water temperature of 12˚C. USEPA Guidance Manual, Alternative Disinfectants and Oxidants, 1999.

Independent Surface Testing for Food Safety

ozone report For the test, some raw meat, seafood, and vegetables were rubbed onto a chopping board and then left for bacteria to form. A first swab was then taken from the chopping board surface filled with bacteria. The chopping board was then cleaned with an approved chemical disinfectant before taking a second swab.

The results would show a satisfactory kill rate of bacteria between the first and the second swab. The same test was repeated, this time using the ozone water from ActivTapp as the cleaning agent instead of chemical disinfectant. In both tests, the results were satisfactory.

The implication here is that restaurants and eateries can safely use our ozone water to perform the same function as chemical disinfectants. Not only would these establishments save money, but they would also use fewer chemicals, contributing to a friendlier environment.

Take a look at OptiPure's ActiveTapp Commercial Systems for foodservice and commercial hospitality applications.

For more detailed information about studies and other applications of activated-oxygen, please go to our sister company website - Clear Water Technologies, LLC www.cwtozone.com.

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