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Choosing The Right Water Filtration Begins With Asking The Right Questions.

“Properly applied and maintained, water treatment will deliver significant benefits to a Foodservice operation.” 

This is a true statement.  After three decades in the water treatment business, I’ve observed the benefits many times.  But, I am also familiar with the blank, deer-in-the-headlights stare that I’ve seen when I ask a Foodservice operator how they have benefited from water filtration.

So before shopping for the best deal on filtration for an ice maker, espresso machine, combi oven or any commercial Foodservice equipment, consider some of the ways water treatment can impact your business and what it is worth to you.  To quote well known business strategist and success coach Stephen Covey, “Begin with the end in mind.”

Consider the following list of benefits that can be realized with effective water filtration.  As you read through these, think about cost savings and productivity improvements, and how it might impact your profits.

Reduce scheduled and unscheduled maintenance

Does equipment require scheduled preventative maintenance? How frequent?  Are water-related problems a cause of unscheduled maintenance?

Avoid productivity loss

Assess overall cost associated with water-related equipment downtime such as lost revenue, service interruption, unscheduled maintenance, ice delivery, customer dissatisfaction etc.

Improve asset performance

Scale build-up can drastically increase energy consumption with steam ovens, coffee equipment and ice makers, and reduces production with ice machines.  Overall operating efficiency of equipment also affects product consistency, and equipment reliability and ease-of-use.

Extend asset life

What is the life-cycle and replacement cost for your equipment? What is the value of extending current equipment life-cycle?

Increase customer satisfaction

An overall benefit of water treatment is improved beverage quality and consistency.  Though difficult to measure, customer satisfaction is an important metric and has a significant impact on your bottom line. 

Reduce operating costs / Control spending

Quantify the combined financial impact of an effective water treatment program in terms of operating cost reduction, minimizing spending (i.e. PM, downtime associated costs), improved productivity and operating efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Drive process standardization

Capture water treatment program costs, filter change records and scheduling procedures and assess overall effectiveness of your water treatment program.  Evaluate various aspects of your program with your vendor/partner and refine the process to maximize benefits.

Take a little time to understand the problems water quality can cause with different equipment applications and the types of treatment technologies used to deal with them.  Look at water-related problems you’ve had with your equipment in the past and learn about the basic chemical characteristics of the water at your location.  Make a list of two or three goals and how you will measure the benefits. 

When you understand the impact that properly applied and maintained water filtration can have on your business, it becomes an ‘investment’ that deserves careful consideration rather than a cost to be managed.

Props on the photo go to: Nicu Buculei


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