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Why 2013 Has OptiPure Feeling Thankful...

Keeping with the spirit of the Thanksgiving Holiday, no matter how cheesy you find it, we have a lot to be thankful for this year at OptiPure and we’re excited to share it with you.  We committed this year to redefining how we serve the Foodservice Industry as a commercial water filtration manufacturer.  From customer service to products, we’ve sought to leave no stone unturned.  Below are a few specific facets and products of OptiPure that we’ve made available during 2013.

New OptiPure website and blog

Our new website is a basic reflection of what we’re seeking to do.  We created a (hopefully) smoother navigation on our site, because talking water quality and water filtration can be complicated enough in its own right.  On our site, we’ve also added a blog where we’ve begun and will continue to share educational insight on the various dynamics of managing the water variable within Foodservice.  We’ve also incorporated the OptiPortal for our dealers and distributors to have quick access to a vast array of pertinent information.  We’ve even begun dabbling in the world of social media to share and support all the great things our team and customers are doing.  I’m most excited about the library of videos we’ll soon begin adding!  Our overarching goal here is to make water treatment simpler, approachable and shareable…not sure if that is a word but I will roll with it.

New Chloramine Water Filter System

I'm sure you’re all aware that chlorine is a disinfectant that water treatment plants use to treat and protect our water.  Despite having been used for about the last 90 years, the additional usage of chloramines (most commonly monochloramines) in our water has created quite the stir as well.  Chloramines, which is the combination of chlorine and ammonia, is becoming more commonly used as a secondary disinfectant because it does not dissipate as quickly in water. Roughly 25% of Americans drink chloraminated water.  It is safe to consume and will not hurt you, but it does not smell or taste good. 

Because chloramines stay in solution longer than chlorine they require a longer contact time and special carbon filter to effectively remove.  This activated carbon is known as catalytic carbon.  Coca Cola North America actually requires special validation to be considered an option for their new Coke Freestyle beverage machines.  We are excited to say that our new FX-22PCR+ is on that list!

We Introduced our new (and next generation) OP and BWS Reverse Osmosis Systems

For many years now we have worked closely with commercial oven manufacturers, working on special projects, serving their distribution networks and even private labeling systems for their Combi and steam ovens.  It has been an invaluable experience for us in deepening our understanding of these applications and how water quality impacts the life and performance of these ovens.  Additionally, the same holds true within Specialty Coffee.  The equipment manufacturers, coffee roasters, service technicians and baristas have been pivotal in communicating and working with us to refine our approach to understanding their applications.  It has allowed us to further develop a balanced approach for both protecting the investment of their equipment and optimizing the water quality they seek for a great cup of coffee.

The result - our new line of OP175 and OP350 systems.  We are incredibly excited about what these systems mean for both the Steam and Specialty Coffee segments of Foodservice.  Equipment manufacturers and the owners who invest in this equipment want to ensure that these $50,000 ovens and $18,000 espresso machines perform and last as expected.  The OP systems can help achieve these expectations from a water standpoint by providing optimum water quality through precise mineral balance, for equipment protection and great tasting coffee! 

We made our Blended Water Reverse Osmosis Systems Better

For quite awhile we’ve had our BWS100 and BWS-QT systems that produce up to 100 and 400 gallons of blended water a day, respectively.  Both systems have, as I like to say, killed it in the market.  Our precision blend valves, digital TDS meters, gradient density filters and durable membranes have culminated in a low maintenance, easy-to-use solution for operators to fully manage their water quality on a daily basis.  However, as you may have already realized if you read our press release on these new systems, we want to continue to push the limits and further provide tangible solutions for the Foodservice Industry.

We've learned a lot along the way.  Together with the feedback our customers and keeping a healthy pulse of where the industry is headed we’ve both added to our line and made our strong systems stronger.  We’ve added the BWS200 as an intermediary system that is able to produce up to 250 gallons a day of blended water.  We’ve made our systems more compact, spatially.  We’ve added repressurization assemblies to provide consistent pressure and flow to all the equipment we’re treating.  Built-in, full system bypasses; plumbed filters in parallel for double the flow and contact time; on and on this list could go. 

Making water quality and water filtration information accessible and interesting (to the extent you need or want it to be), providing solutions that protect equipment and enhance your beverages, working to impact your bottom line with regard to managing the water variable, these are some of the things we’ve committed to addressing this year.  We’re excited about the impact we’ve seen from this commitment thus far, and equally eager to see where it will lead moving forward. 

If there is anything we can provide, answer or consider offering then we’d love to hear from you.  Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read about what we’ve been up to in 2013.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season!

Photo Cred: Angela Antunes


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