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September 12, 2013 by RoySeibert
Part one of this series provided a general overview of the most common causes for corrosion in commercial steam cooking equipment. In this follow up, we will further explain some of contributing factors that lead to this corrosion, and various water treatment solutions that exist to combat the problems they create.Read more
September 5, 2013 by RoySeibert
Poor water quality of tap water can be detrimental for a Foodservice business. It can negatively impact equipment, beverage quality or both. However, the miss-application of water treatment technologies could stand to compound the problem. More is not always better when it comes to water treatment.Read more
August 9, 2013 by RoySeibert

In regards to Teflon tape, too many wraps can crack fittings and cause water leaks.

Too many wraps do not always create problems immediately but can cause leaks to develop several months later.  A quality Teflon tape will only require two to three wraps around the female thread of most fittings to get an effective seal when wound tightly in the proper direction.  Two to three wraps done...Read more

July 10, 2013 by RoySeibert
There is a significant myth being promoted by many in Foodservice that Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems waste water, via sending considerably more water to drain compared to what they produce. The fact is that properly designed and efficient RO systems do not waste water but use it to create pure water.Read more
July 3, 2013 by RoySeibert
Many people assume that tap water will have a pH close to neutral or 7. To provide safe drinking water to the public, the city water treatment facility is required to meet strict standards. To achieve this, most commonly a higher or more alkaline pH is maintained. This impacts the flavor of your beverages and your equipment.Read more
June 7, 2013 by Tim Hibbs

First, let us start by saying Thank You for visiting our site.  You reading this post means the goal we set out for in creating our blog is being realized – to educate the Foodservice Industry on Water and Water Treatment.  It goes without saying that you realize the problematic nature water can have on your business; water can diminish beverage quality and interfere with equipment performance.  Given these realities, we are here to partner with you in turning these problems into solutions.

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Our company has been manufacturing commercial water...Read more


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