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Chlorine, Taste & Odor Reduction

Chlorine imparts offensive Taste & Odor on beverages and can contribute to equipment problems, such as pitting and corrosion.

Chlorine is used by many municipal water utilities to kill pathogenic organisms & to provide a residual concentration of disinfectant throughout the distribution system.

Water Plant

In addition to chlorine, and in some occurrences Chloramines, there are an array of man-made and naturally occurring contaminants such as dissolved organics and pesticides that impart off taste and odor in water.  Activated carbon is the best technology for reducing chlorine, chloramine and taste & odor.

OptiPure offers FX and QT-style water filtration systems that are NSF Certified for Chorine, Taste & Odor reduction rated from 15,000 gallons to 67,500 gallons.OptiPure CTO Cartridges

The OptiPure CTO filtration cartridges utilize high quality activated carbon to reduce chlorine, taste & odor.  The CTO media structure is entirely composed of a dense structure of fibers coated with Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC).  The high mass of carbon, along with the gradient-depth structure of these cartridges, provides tremendous surface area and contact time as water flows through.  This media structure contributes to the exceptional performance and capacity of OptiPure systems.

The “Rated Capacity” of any NSF Certified commercial water filtration system refers solely to the amount of water (gallons/liters) that a system has been tested for and proven to reduce Chlorine and Taste & Odor.

The NSF rated capacity provides no assurance that other water treatment technologies, such as scale Inhibition, will perform for this capacity.  It is important, when selecting water treatment for your application, to make sure that the system design is balanced and will protect your equipment and deliver all expected performance for its rated capacity.

Reducing chlorine is always beneficial to equipment condition & beverage quality, and is recommended for all commercial foodservice equipment applications.


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