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Commercial Foodservice Applications

Properly applied and maintained, water filtration & treatment will yield tremendous benefits to any Foodservice operation.

Equipment, water quality, demand, and many other factors all play a role in selecting appropriate water treatment solutions for your restaurant, coffee shop, bar or other Foodservice application.  Whether your primary goal for water filtration is to make better tasting beverages, or to make your equipment stay clean, run better and last longer, we are here to help.  We know water, we understand your applications, and we can provide you with the best possible solutions. 

Coffee / Espresso / Tea

Whether making coffee via Pour-Over or Batch Brewing, or pulling espresso on a Traditional or Super-Automatic, we can optimize the water and keep you serving great coffee.

Fountain Beverages

Carbonators, bag-in-box, CO2 syrups, Coke Freestyle, fountain dispensers - a lot goes into making great fountain beverages.  The single most important ingredient is water.

Ice Machines

Cubers? Flakers? Chewable Ice? Water Filtration requirements can differ depending on the type of ice machine. Our Application Guide keeps it all simple.

Steam & Combi Ovens

Chlorine, Chloramines, Chlorides, Hardness Minerals - they can cause costly problems and shorten the life of cooking equipment.  OptiPure engineered solutions deliver measurable results.

Combination or Multi-Point

Different types of Foodservice equipment require different water filters or treatment technologies. Our Combination and Multi-Point Systems allow serving all of these applications in the most practical manner.

Food Safety

Activated-Oxygen adds a measure of natural protection to fruit and vegetable rinsing, surface sanitation, hand washing and much more. ActiveTapp Commercial Series improves food safety and quality control, real-time.


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