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Foodservice Water Filtration & Treatment Technologies

Our focus is Commercial Foodservice water filtration applications. We thoroughly understand the unique requirements and demands of the Industry.

Water treatment is a complex process involving many different aspects of the physical and chemical sciences. The expertise is in the application of specific water filter technologies to deal with different contaminants in order to produce a desired result. We understand your equipment and your challenges; and we provide solutions that protect your equipment and improve beverage quality.

Chlorine, Taste & Odor Reduction

Our FX & QT Style water filtration systems are NSF Certified for Chlorine, Sediment, Taste & Odor reduction ranging from 15,000 - 80,000 gallons. OptiPure Water Filter Systems are designed for commercial ice machine, combi and steam cooking, fountain, coffee, tea and espresso applications.

Chloramine Reduction

Our ChloraMax Systems offer options for chloramine reduction for a variety of applications including beverages, combi ovens and steam equipment.

Scale Inhibition

Patented IsoNet® and ScaleX2® scale inhibitor technologies minimize problems associated with the formation and accumulation of lime-scale with commercial equiment applications.

Reverse Osmosis

We offer a complete line of specialized systems that utilize reverse osmosis to provide the ultimate protection against scale, corrosion and high TDS. System designs combine precision blending or remineralization with high performance reverse osmosis membranes to put you in control of your water quality for any commercial Foodservice application.

Sediment Reduction

Filtering Sediment is always beneficial for equipment condition and water quality. It is recommended for all Foodservice equipment applications and is incorporated into every system we offer.  


Strong acid cation (SAC) ion-exchange, water softening removes water hardness minerals which virtually eliminates the formation of scale.

Activated Oxygen (Ozone)

The ActivTapp Commercial Series (ACS) operates with your faucet and sink. It automatically turns on when the water flows infusing ozone into your cold rinse water. Rinsing your food products with ozonated water adds another dimension of safety to your food preparation process.


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