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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is Chloramine?

A.    Chloramines are an alternative disinfectant to chlorine.  Specifically, chloramines are a blend of Chlorine and Ammonia that has been shown to greatly reduce the disinfection by-products caused by chlorination.  There are different forms of chloramine; mono-chloramine, di-chloramine, tri-chloramine and organic chloramines.  The city water treatment plant uses only mono-chloramine.   For more info go to:   http://water.epa.gov/lawsregs/rulesregs/sdwa/mdbp/chloramines_index.cfm

Q.   How do I measure the TDS in water?

A.    Total dissolved solids, or TDS, is measured using an electronic meter similar to a conductivity meter that measures the conductance of the water caused by the dissolved solids and converts it to a part per million or ppm reading. A conductivity meter will not measure the amount of contaminants in the water that do not conduct electricity, nor will it provide an accurate measurement or indication of the amount of chlorine or chloramines in the water. 

Q.   Should I put a Water Softener on my Ice Machine?

A.    Water softeners on ice machines should be avoided in most cases.  Excess Sodium in water has the ability to alter the freezing and melting temperatures of water.  THus, Water softeners will lead to soft, mushy ice cubes that melt faster.

Q.   What is the best water filter for an Espresso Machine?

A.    In most cases, the Reverse Osmosis technologies are going to provide you the absolute best results in regards to providing both the best coffee flavor and protecting your equipment from lime-scale build-up, preventing costly service calls.  It is never recommended to utilize Polyphosphate filters on your Espresso machine, as this chemical will eglomerate in the boiler and lead to more additional service.

Q.   What is the best water filter for an Ice Machine?

A.    In most cases, our FXI or QTI series Water Filter Systems with the Patented IsoNet Scale Inhibiting technology will provide the best protection. However, if you have very high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) or high sodium, chlorides or sulfates it might be desirable to go with our OP or BWS Reverse Osmosis systems to lower the TDS providing a very high quality ice.  If you notice that your ice is soft and melts quickly then an OP or BWS system may be the best solution to provide you with a harder longer lasting ice cube. 

Q.   Will a carbon filter reduce chlorides, sulfates or calcium?

A.    No.  All carbon filters are ineffective at reducing TDS, such as: Chlorides, Sodium, Calcium and Sulfates.  Carbon filters are extremely effective at reducing Chlorine, Taste & Odor.

Q.   Should I put Scale Inhibitor Filters that use Polyphosphate on water feeding the soda fountain?

A.    No, for two reasons.  1) polyphosphate Scale Inhibitors will interfere with fountain beverage quality. 2) Soda fountains do not suffer from Lime-Scale problems due to the increase of Carbon Dioxide, increasing the Solubility of Calcium Carbonate in the water preventing it from forming Scale.

Q.   What is the best way to remove chlorides from my water?

A.    The best method for removing chlorides from water reliably and economically is using a reverse osmosis system, like we utilize in our OptiPure BWS Systems.

Q.   How much water does the OP or Blended Water System waste?

A.    The OP or BWS system does not “waste” any water!  It does have a reject stream going to drain that is required to wash away the contaminants removed by the membrane.  This is the cost of producing the Optimized water for your application and is the most cost-effective and reliable method to remove total dissolved solids such as Chlorides, Sodium, Calcium and Sulfates from ingredient water.

Q.   What is the best water filter for my soda fountain?

A.    If your water utility is using chloramines then use the OptiPure ChloraMax System Model  FX-PCR+ or FX-CR.  If chloramines are not present utilize any of the CTO beverage systems that meet the flow and capacity requirements.

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