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eBook: Optimizing Water Quality for Specialty Coffee

Download a complimentary guide on how to effectively filter your water to maximize coffee taste and quality.

Optmizing Water for Speciality Coffee screenshots

Discerning coffee drinkers expect excellence in their specialty coffee. When you consider that 98% of coffee beverages are made up of water, it is easy to understand why using the ideal water is vital to creating superior specialty coffee.

This guide provides education on the contaminants that ruin the taste of great coffee, as well as valuable tips to combat those contaminants. Learn how the right water treatment system can make a huge impact on the taste of the coffee you serve.

  • Learn about the four types of contaminants and how to deal with them.
  • Understand the value of water analysis to determine the right water treatment for your needs.
  • Learn how adhering to high standards for water quality not only improves the taste of coffee, but also protects equipment.
  • Get educated about which filtration systems may suit your business needs.


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