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Announcing The New & Unique OptiPure QTSFT-3+ for Espresso Machines

Plano, TX December 4, 2014 - OptiPure is pleased to offer the new QTSFT-3+ Water Softening System with Precision Blending and Electronic Flowmeter. 

OptiPure QTSFT-3+ Water Softening SystemThis unique system removes hardness with a high-capacity Strong Acid Cation Ion Exchange Resin that has been proven to be reliable and predictable.  The system utilizes a precision multi-turn metering valve to blend filtered water with softened water allowing the user to adjust the water hardness to the desired level. 

Operators will have significantly better control over the water used to make espresso and other coffee drinks optimizing extraction while protecting their espresso machine from costly lime-scale build-up and corrosion. 

Softening with SAC Resin is effective and safe on a broad range of water chemistry and avoids the pitfalls of lowering the pH or creating corrosive water.  The Electronic Flowmeter measures gallons used and alerts with audible and visual alarm when filters need to be changed. The system includes a sample port and professional water hardness test kit (100 tests) to make setting the blend and capacity simple and reliable. Flow rate, elasped time, near end of life, end of life and low battery alerts are also provided. No guessing about filter life. 

The QTSFT-3+ raises the bar for the very best espresso machine water filter!


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