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New Blended Water RO Systems - BWS200 and BWS350

Plano, TX November 15, 2013

OptiPure is pleased to announce the new and enhanced BWS200 and BWS350 systems.  These Blended Water Reverse Osmosis Systems remove >97% of the total dissolved solids (TDS) from water and allow for precise blending with filtered water to a user desired TDS level, producing "Optimized" water.  The systems operate at line pressure; the BWS200 can produce up to 250 gallons per day and the BWS350 can produce up to 400 gallons per day.  These complete systems include integrated pre-filtration with particulate and chlorine reduction, reverse osmosis, and precision blend capabilities in a space-saving, wall-mount or under-counter design.   Additionally, the BWS350 includes an adjustable reject flow control allowing for precise adjustment of Product/Reject ratio.  Both systems also feature a built-in, full system bypass valve and sample port to assure no service interruption while simplifying routine maintenance. Each system can utilize either a 16 or 50 gallon atmospheric storage tank with a top-mounted variable-flow repressurization system and sub-micron air breather/filter.

OptiPure is proud to boast several exclusive features with these systems that combine to optimize performance and minimize costs for Foodservice operators.  These benefits include: parallel particulate and chlorine reduction pre-filtration that increase capacity and reduce the potential for pre-mature plugging; precision TDS blending (to the part per million) with a precision 14-turn blend valve; real-time viewing of blended TDS and membrane rejection with the digital TDS monitor; optimum membrane performance with the ability to adjust the ratio of water sent to drain; and a variable-flow repressurization system to ensure consistent flow and pressure to all equipment.

Call us today to find out more on these systems: Keefe Aldstadt, 972-801-5509, kaldstadt@optipure.net, and/or Tim Hibbs, 972-801-5508, thibbs@optipure.net, 2605 Technology Dr., Bldg. 300, Plano, TX 75074


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