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New OP350 with Integrated Mineral Addition

OptiPure announces our new OP350 Reverse Osmosis System configuration.

The new configuration has a bracket design that integrates the Mineral Addition cartridge on the same platform as the pre-filters and RO membrane simplifying installation.  Listening to feedback from techs in the field it became evident that the remote Mineral Addition Assembly was getting misplaced or overlooked. 

The Mineral Addition stage of the OP350 Reverse Osmosis System is very important to optimizing the water for steam cooking and creating the optimal ingredient water for specialty coffee that it is imperative that it is included. 

By integrating it on the the same bracket as the rest of the system it insures that it is included in the installation at the right stage of treatment.

The new Reverse Osmosis System is available with a 16, 50 or 175 gallon tank and different re-pressurization pumps for meeting virtually all of the applications found for combi ovens, espresso machines, coffee brewing and various other applications in the foodservice industry.


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