The OptiSoft OS.29 Water Softener is designed to remove or reduce calcium and magnesium hardness minerals from water eliminating problems associated with the formation and accumulation of scale deposits. Scale forming minerals are removed through ion exchange.  For applications where a managed amount of hardness minerals are desired, the new OptiSoft OS.29 is equipped with precision blending. This allows the operator to reliably customize the amount of hardness in the treated water.  The new systems utilize an electronic controller for simple set-up and user interface.  OptiSoft systems are compact single tank-in-tank design that allows users to place under counters or other restricted spaces.  Integrated bypass and two 24” long stainless steel flex connectors are included to make installation quick and simple. The OS.29 is suitable for both cold and/or hot water up to 149°F.


Warewashing Equipment

Tea Brewers

Coffee Brewers


Nominal Hardness Reduction; 18,300 grains/regeneration

Service Flow Rate: 11.4 gpm