The OptiPure QT3MP Multi-Point filtration system provides a combination of filters to meet the requirements of different equipment applications including fountain beverages, ice, and coffee. The four cartridge system includes three primary Quick-Twist (QT) cartridges that reduce sediment down to 0.5 microns and reduces chlorine, taste & odor at a combined flow rate of up to 6.75 gpm for 67,500. The fourth QT cartridge is a secondary filter that provides added scale protection with IsoNet® for ice machines and coffee brewers. 


COMBINATION & MULTI-POINTFor use with multiple equipment applications where combined filtration technologies are needed to provide water for different types of equipment including fountain and cold beverages, ice machines and coffee brewers. 

Replacement Cartridge(s)

  • 300-08115 - CTO-Q (3 Required)
  • 300-08215 - PTS-Q (1 Required)