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Qwik-Twist Style Filtration Systems

Makes Changing Filters Quick, Easy & Sanitary!

QT Water Filter Systems use a "Qwik-Twist" cartridge.  Simply discard the cartridge and "Twist" in the replacement.

QT Advantages:

  • In-store staff can easily change filter cartridges.
  • No need to empty water from a sump or clean and sanitize before replacing the filter.
  • Turn off water, a quarter-turn to the left, pull down and remove the cartridge. Line up the 'insert' arrows, push the new cartridge into the filter head, a quarter-turn to the right and the filter is replaced. It's that simple.
  • OptiPure 'Combination' systems use all QT cartridges from beginning to end!


To find out which QT Qwik-Twist Water Filter System best meets your requirements contact us online or call one of our experts at (800) 333-2556


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