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Softening - Ion Exchange

The most common & expensive water-related problem with Foodservice equipment is Scale. If you freeze, heat or evaporate water, the minerals that were once dissolved in the water will find a new home in your equipment.

Softening water by Ion Exchange is simply a process of trading scale forming hardness ions for non-scale forming ions. 

It is used for a variety of commercial and residential applications to minimize the damaging impact of hard scale.  The process involves flowing water, that contains calcium and magnesium (water hardness) ions, through a sodium charged resin media where the hardness ions are physically exchanged for sodium ions.

‘Water Hardness’ is a measure of the amount of Calcium and Magnesium in water.

It is often expressed as ‘grains-per-gallon’ (gpg) where one grain of hardness is equivalent to 17.1 milligrams per liter (mg/l) or parts per million (ppm) of water hardness.  By definition, water is “soft” when it contains less than one grain of hardness.  The capacity of a softening devise is a measure of how many grains of hardness can be removed before becoming exhausted.

OptiPure softening systems utilize Strong Acid Cation (SAC) softening resin which removes specifically calcium and magnesium hardness minerals.  Only these hardness minerals and some forms of iron are removed. 

Softening water to remove Scale-forming water Hardness is not the best choice for all Foodservice equipment. 

Ion exchange changes the physical characteristics of water, which may not result in the right water chemistry for some applications. And, it is most often used in a ‘system’ that includes sediment and chlorine, taste & odor reduction.

Softening systems are available in both of the compact QT and FX configurations with a range of capacities.  OptiSoft systems are self-regenerating softeners for high capacity/high flow applications

QTSFT-3 softening system softens water and reduces sediment, chlorine, taste & odor. It is a recommended for use with espresso and specialty tea applications. Softened water is not recommended for coffee brewers.


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