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Water Filters for Ice Machines

Ice is 100% water. 70% of ice machine service calls are due to water-related problems, and poor ice quality ruins beverages.

During the freezing process the minerals that are dissolved in water are forced out of solution and accumulate as “Scale” on machine surfaces and components.  Ice can transfer chlorine and other off taste and odor to beverages.

A couple of important considerations when selecting the right commercial water filter system are:

  1. The water filter system’s rated “capacity” should be greater than the amount of water the machine will use between filter changes.
  2. The Scale Inhibitor media must provide protection for the life (rated capacity) of the filter system.

Below is a snapshot of contaminants that are problematic with ice machines and the OptiPure technologies that deal with them.


Fine silt, dirt, rust and other debris affect the taste and appearance of ice and can ruin beverages. Particulates settle as sediment and cause wear on parts, can damage solenoids and valves, and provide a catalyst for scale build-up.

  • OptiPure utilizes gradient-density, depth filtration to remove sediment & maximize dirt holding capacity.

Chlorine, Taste & Odor

Chlorine presents two problems.  First, it can make ice taste and smell bad.  Second, it can cause pitting and Corrosion on machine surfaces.  Off-taste and ddor can come from a range of contaminants, such as algae, in addition to chlorine.

  • OptiPure also utilizes high quality activated carbons to reduce chlorine, taste & odor.

Hardness (Scale)

The formation and accumulation of Scale from hardness minerals is responsible for up to 70% of ice maker service calls.  Scale build-up on machine surfaces reduces energy efficiency and ice production, interferes with beverage quality, and is the number-one cause of machine failure and service interruption.

  • IsoNet® – Patented OptiPure Scale Inhibiting technology, interferes with the formation of hardness mineral compounds, effectively minimizing the formation of scale.

Take a look at our various water filtration systems for commercial ice machine applications.  For more detailed information about water, as it pertains to ice makers, and how to select the best system for your equipment download our free Ice Machine Water Filtration Application Guide.

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