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Who We Are

OptiPure is the Foodservice division of Procam Controls, which has been designing, manufacturing and providing commercial water filtration and treatment solutions since 1975. 

We have grown our business based upon a philosophy of consulting and partnering with companies to provide commercial solutions that deliver measurable results.  We couple this philosophy with an innovative approach to product design, dedication to program management and a culture of customer service.  As a result we have earned a reputation as a standout supplier, valuable resource and business ally with the most important group within our industries – our customers.  

Along with our full line of Foodservice products, we are excited to boast our pro-active filter management program.  FilterTrak is an intuitive, fully-managed database that allows us to change the way your filters get changed.  Whether it’s simply tracking filter life and scheduling replacements or coordinating service companies to maintain your systems, our dedicated FilterTrak staff will work with your team to keep your equipment protected.

At OptiPure, we firmly believe our biggest difference has, and will continue to lie in our commitment to you and your business.  We look forward to what lies ahead!


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