Water Filters and Systems for Water and Coffee in the Office

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Bottled water can become a big hassle and expense.  Water filters and water treatment systems are designed to be used with bottle-less water coolers,  allowing for a continuous flow of great-tasting water with less inconvenience.

What about coffee in the breakroom? Everyone in the office needs a great tasting cup of coffee to get the day started!   Water filter systems can be connected directly to your coffee brewer and other appliances. With built-in scale inhibition, when needed, consistently great tasting coffee can be served every day.

Understanding your water quality is the most important thing to consider. Water chemistry changes seasonally and geographically, from one location to another. Four contaminants that can cause expensive equipment problems and interfere with coffee quality and consistency are:

  1. Sediment — can collect in equipment, clogging parts and serving as a catalyst for scale build-up.
  2. Chlorine, Taste & Odor  — causes offensive tastes and contributes to corrosion in equipment.
  3. Hardness (Scale) — build-up in equipment reduces efficiency and damages equipment.
  4. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) — minerals that are dissolved in water including hardness minerals. High TDS increases corrosion potential and can be responsible for off-taste in beverages.

Be sure to refer to your equipment’s manual to determine flow requirements to select the right water treatment system for your applications.

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