Scale (Hardness)

Scale can diminish performance & shorten the life of equipment.

There are two fundamental ways to deal with Scale (Hardness):

Remove problematic minerals through reverse osmosis to manage TDS, reduce hardness and achieve a favorable mineral balance


Inhibit the potential of minerals to form scale

IsoNet® & ScaleX2®- Inhibitor Technologies from OptiPure

There are two types of scale inhibition used in OptiPure filtration—polyphosphate (IsoNet) that adds media into the water and template assisted crystallization (ScaleX2) that adds nothing to the water.

IsoNet (patented) adds inhibitor media into the water, which interferes with the ability of hardness minerals to crystallize and create scale. IsoNet was created to solve problems common with all types of polyphosphate scale inhibitor media.

Over time, polyphosphate media becomes sticky and will basically melt and clump together. This drastically reduces the media surface area and contact time, rendering it ineffective. IsoNet provides optimal contact time by trapping and isolating media throughout the filter core, even when sphere size is reduced over time.

Most scale inhibitor media are loosely loaded in the bottom of the cartridge where there is no contact with most of water flowing through the cartridge. IsoNet ensures consistent dosing by trapping and holding scale inhibitor media within the water flow path of the OptiPure cartridge.

In many cases, a system’s capacity to protect equipment against scale is grossly overstated. System capacities are typically based on chlorine reduction testing — not scale inhibition.

IsoNet delivers up to five times the scale and corrosion inhibitor of competitive cartridges. That’s what it takes to deliver real world, measurable results for six months between filter change-outs.

A few foodservice applications for IsoNet include ice machines, coffee brewers and flash steam generated ovens. Isonet also contains an inhibitor that helps guard against corrosion.

ScaleX2® — The Revolutionary Nano-Crystal Technology for Eliminating Lime-Scale.

ScaleX2 provides long-lasting protection from scale formation without chemicals or frequent maintenance. In some cases, ScaleX2 is a superior alternative to common scale prevention methods, including softening and polyphosphates. Unlike softening and polyphosphates, ScaleX2 does not add chemicals to the water and does not require frequent maintenance or replenishment.

ScaleX2 simply converts the scale-forming molecules into microscopic crystals. The formed crystals will not adhere to equipment surfaces and will not create scale (lime-scale) deposits.

Nano-Crystal Technology

As hardness minerals come meet ScaleX2, nanocrystals of calcium carbonates form on the surface of the media. When the crystals are large enough, they break free and are carried away with the flow of water.

Foodservice applications for ScaleX2 include coffee brewers, ovens with steam generators or boilers, tankless water heaters, tank-style water heaters, misting systems, and as pre-treatment for OptiPure reverse osmosis systems. The ScaleX2 inhibitor technology is effective on water supplies with a pH up to 8.5 where no iron or copper is present.




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